The low surface energy of plastics poses adhesion and wettability problems for lens manufacturers. Corona treatment plays an important role in promoting better adhesion properties.

This is done change to surface characteristics is achieved by breaking the molecular bonds on the substrate surface. This increases surface energy and thereby the surface wettability without affecting the optical properties.

Tantec’s RotoTEC-X units are in-line conveyors with an integrated rotary electrode system to ensure an extremely uniform Corona-discharge distribution on the optical surfaces. Surface tensions as high as deionized water (72mN/m) are achieved, which makes a RotoTEC-X-unit indispensable prior to the washing of the lenses. As the water spreads evenly on the surface, an ultra-clean surface is now present for the coating processes.

The RotoTEC-X ensures a very uniform treatment process and offers the user full process control of all parameters. Tantec is a pioneer of developing equipment for surface treatment of plastic components such as ophthalmic lenses. Our object is to solve adhesion problems for the industry, offering a unique surface treatment method to ensure a safe and clean global environment.

Tantec offers standard and customized equipment to be integrated as a part of the production process and can be integrated in new or existing in-line production environments.